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Exciting News!!

Nature’s Solution, LLC is pleased to announce a National Product Campaign in partnership with As Seen On TV Productions, will officially commence on Septmeber 12, 2016. We want to share this great news with all of our valued friends and customers. Please click on the YouTube link below to have an advance preview of the television commercial.

Blue bottle with the Gold label

This incredible “Skin Nourisher” is a product created naturally by NATURE’S SOLUTION LLC. It has been credited with many positive results when applied to psoriasis, eczema, fungus, sun burn, insect bites, razor burn, rash, acne —anything that is challenging your skin.

It is known to Rebuild Healthy Skin Cells.  Pediatricians also recommend Nature’s Solution to soothe diaper rash.


Medical Doctor of 30 years and Certified in Holistic Practice, introduces Nature’s Solution ~ “Skin Nourisher”.

“Nature’s Solution is derived from the essence of the earth from which we too have been created.  With natural organic processing of these mineral like elements and substances, Nature’s Solution, once applied on to the surface of the skin, is absorbed into the blood and lymphatic vessels.  Proteins may attach and transport these substances in the circulation.  Upon arrival into the thymus and bone marrow and other immune glands i.e., lymph nodes, a decoding process takes place.  Immune cells recognize the protein complex and most likely attaches and engulf it.  The complex becomes part of the genetic makeup (DNA) of the cell enhancing its immune capability.  Subsequently, there is cloning or massive reproduction of these “new” immune cells.  These basic earth substances may activate an ancient genetic code that directs the production of biochemical agents that are curative for various pathological conditions.  It is possible that this newly activated genetic code, that was always present in the immune cell’s DNA, had been rendered inactive or suppressed, which gave rise to the abnormal skin condition i.e. psoriasis.”

“The Nature’s Solution may function, at least in part, in this manner.  It is an example of substances influencing genetic expression revitalizing damaged or diseased skin by promoting normal skin growth.  Genes direct and control the functions of all cells and organs in our body.  Genes determine if we get sick or stay well.  There are genes that cause psoriasis.  There are genes that keep skin healthy.  Activation or suppression of genes is determined by the environment in which they reside.  Nature’s Solution suppresses psoriasis causing genes and activates other genes that direct the cells of the skin to remain healthy.  The mineral-like substances and elements may also directly activate enzyme systems in the tissues of the skin promoting curative actions.”


Completely Safe, Odorless, Non-oily, and Promotes Nourishment for Overall Skin Health.  100% organic, Nature’s Solution contains minerals and trace elements which include Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Nitrogen, Copper, Iron, Zinc and many more.  Since this an all Natural Product – Spray freely and your skin will immediately begin to experience the benefits.  Nature’s Solution can be applied when you are having discomfort or used routinely for nourishing your skin.  Some spray every morning and evening after showering to keep skin looking alive and healthy.



Nature’s Solution is a Subsidiary of Our Vital Earth, Inc.